Study of Sources

Study of Sources

Course Acceptance Terms:

  1. A bachelor's degree or higher is required.
  2. The minimum number of the participants is ten.

Course Objectives:

  1. Introduction to the Sources of Islamic studies as well as Improving Learners’ Knowledge in This Regard.

Notes to be considered:

  1. the participants are to pay for their two way fights.
  2. The accommodation is free of charge.
  3. The meals during the course are free of charge.
  4. Educational services of the course are free of charge.
  5. The cultural tour of Qom is free of charge.
  6. The fee for the cultural tour of Tehran is $50.
  7. The fee of the cultural tour of Isfahan is $200.
  8. The fee of the cultural tour of Shiraz is $300.
  9. The fee of the cultural tour of Mashhad is $150.

Specialized Educational Programs: compulsory

  1. Islamic Theology: A Bibliography
  2. Qur’anic Studies and Interpretation: A Bibliography
  3. Hadith Studies: A Bibliography
  4. History of Islam: A Bibliography
  5. Religions and Denominations: A Bibliography
  6. Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence): A Bibliography
  7. Islamic Philosophy: A Bibliography
  8. Islamic Mysticism: A Bibliography.

Course Suggested Instructors:

  1. Muhsin Malik Afzali
  2. Sayyid Mahmud Musawi
  3. Sayyid Wahid Kashani
  4. Riza Bakhshayesh
  5. Murtiza Maddahi
  6. Heydari
  7. Muharrami
  8. Fudeil Rial
  9. Kargar
  10. Rabbani
  11. Aliannizhad
  12. Imamian
  13. Sadr al-Sadat

General Educational Programs: compulsory

  1. Study of the onging movements in the Islamic World (Shi’a and Sunni)
  2. Iran Studies
  3. Introduction to the Political Structure of the Islamic Republic of Iran
  4. Introduction to the Political Thought of Imam Khomeini and the Supreme Leader of Iran
  5. Introduction to Satellite Channels
  6. History of the Abrahamic Religions
  7. Critical study of Wahhabism

Course Instructors:

  1. Furati
  2. Alizadeh Musawi
  3. Tahaei
  4. Farajnizhad
  5. Arjmandfar
  6. Qahramani