Sabbatical Leaves

Getting Admission to Sabbatical Leaves


Al-Mostafa-Al-Alamiyah in order to fulfil its universal message, mission, and large-scale objectives and due to provide research and investigate context through Islamic sciences, and human sciences with respect to Islamic approaches, and making familiar with scientific, cultural, religious, and social characters over the world along with Islam and Ahl-al-Bayt (AS) cognitions, also utilizing knowledge and ability among scientific characters overall world, and developing scientific resources, and helping to enhance, expand, and deepen scientific international participations, will grant fellowship, if the foreign learners be eligible throughout following conditions:


The fellowship is the specific duration while would be granted to foreign applicant learner due to study and investigate through Islamic sciences and human sciences with Islamic approach.

Admission Requirements

Having at least one of the following conditions:
1. Ph.D. or equivalent degree either Studying on Ph.D. course at prestigious university;
2. Teaching experience at prestigious universities or scientific prestigious center;
3. Investigating experience, authoring and writing scientific papers in the relevant fields with Islamic and humane sciences, and having a good reputation at aforementioned fields.


1. Possessing scientific ranks among national and international level
2. Clergymen and Professors who are member of prestigious faculties or educational center;
3. Famous scientific, religious, cultural, political, and social characters;
4. Persons who fluent over international languages;
5. People who have graduated through Al-Mostafa;
6. Foreign administrators and professors who occupy in partnership among Al-Mostafa branches over abroad;
7. People who are self-sufficient to provide fee among courses.

Long Period

The long along Intensive Courses is at most 9 month while is in particular expandable up to 3 month, due to submit investigated report to relative scientific group, then approving it by the group, eventually confirming by fellowship committee.

Applicant Commitments

1. Respecting to Islamic Republic of Iran’s law and regulations along Al-Mostafa-Al-Alamiyah.
2. Presenting the activity report two-monthly and comprehensive query at final exam;
3. Presenting a copy among final research of thesis at most up to 3 month after return;
4. Inserting logo and the arm of Al-Mostafa among generated works which concluded through fellowship;
5. Sending a copy of works raise along period in which printed among prestigious journals either represented through scientific valuable conferences.
The above commitments in form of commitment forms during the applicant is present in Iran and carefully read them, signature will be reached.

Required Records

1. Completed application in order to fellowship (file #1, file #2);
2. Complete scientific curriculum vitae (CV) on the other hand Résumé;
3. Scientific approved certificate
- Faculty members (educational/research): official lead-in from related center;
- Ph.D. students and researchers: recommendation from two professors and famous characters in the field;
- Other applicants: referral from Al-Mostafa agencies or Islamic Republic of Iran’s institutions, or prestigious scientific, cultural, and religious characters related to their country.
4. Scanned file among following document with maximum size of 200 kilo byte with 300 dot per inch (dpi) quality:
- Occupying on education certificate (just Ph.D.);
- The last graduated degree obtained;
- First page of passport;
- Personnel portrait (3X4).

5- send all Required Records to and