Financial office

Financial-Administrative Deputy

Financial-Administrative Deputy of Intensive Courses and Sabbatical Leave Institute is in charge of planning pertaining to administrative system, financial support of Institution in the form of approved legislations and regulations in which throughout execute them, supervise over financial regulations, and supply required equipment, it will provide necessary substrate to fulfil objectives of Institution. According to nature of Institute’s activity financial-administrative deputy’s tasks perform accordingly to each learner regard to high aggregation and compact during intervals while bounded to at least 15 days up to at least one year. Its tasks involve in two office as following:
- Financial office tasks including implementing financial regulations, transactions, and other regulatory instructions, also setting the financial documents up, and querying financial dealings on camps, etc.
- Public and support administrative hold close contact with learners from arrival through graduation. Pertain to this can be used to as following cases: welcoming to learners’ arrival, coordinating to accommodate them, helping to clear Iran’s visa issues, nourishing learners among regular meals including breakfast, lunch, and diner, transporting learners along accommodation to Institute and vice versa, accompanying with them to resolve medicine issues and transferring to emergency centers, and so forth.