faculty of Political-Social Study over Islam’s World

Group of political-social study over Islam’s world is in charge of increasing knowledge and creating research context about the most important key issues along Islam’s world, in particular, specifying ingenious, cultural, and political branches belong to Sunna also Shia among activists, and cultural-political intellectuals who have no chance to participate through long-term course.

Objectives of Group

  • 1. Introducing with current status of Islam’s world;
    2. Introducing with nature and structure of Islamic political taught;
    3. Introducing with inner and outer challenges through Islam’s world and presenting solutions due to overcome it;
    4. Strengthening convergence foundations throughout Muslims;
    5. Teaching trainer and propagandist with approximated approach to current issues over Islam’s world;
    6. Making familiarize with occurring issues over Islam’s world and respond to them through various Islamic variants;
    7. Capacity assessment through Islamic streams during confront with modern thoughts;
    8. Introducing with contemporary Islamic movements, in particular, Islamic Revolution of Iran;
    9. Introducing with religion experience and state among Islamic Republic;
    10. Introducing with evolution of political Islamic thought via modern time.

Committees of Scientific Group along with Political-Social Study through Islam’s World

Coordinating with aforementioned objectives, this group has considered scientific-applied quintuple-committees with precise planning based on need and audience assessment, in which each committee among invite experimental and famous professors, who are fluent over different languages, continue its activities as following:
1. Foundation and sources through Islam’s political thought;
2. Contemporary Islam’s political thoughts;
3. Contemporary Islam’s political history;
4. Religion and politics within Islamic Republic of Iran;
5. Islam’s world and its contemporary challenges.