Department of Education

This entity is responsible for accepting period courses, scheduling and executing educational short-term and technical courses of Islamic cognition. Absorb and promote human resources, in particular foremost professors, also constructing applied and virtual courses, and sequential scientific-research mitting are totally goals that this department coordinated to achieve Al-Mostafa Society criteria following.

Department of Education

The Admission Unit of Intensive Courses Institute, indeed, is the link between applicants to participate in period courses of Islamic-Applied cognition beside Al-Mostafa in different countries with Intensive Courses Institute, so that registration process due to either personal apply by religionist of long-term school or their agencies and impersonal apply by means of Al-Mostafa branches in their countries. The applicant, also can via Intensive Courses Institute email, or filling the registration form out in Al-Mostafa Website and submit it.
Depending on being accepted individually or the way of group, have been designed specific forms, representing by applicant to Admission unit after filling them out and announcing by educational-cultural requirements with desired documents.
After scrutinizing documents and with representatives the agencies relevant to its country in acceptance commission by respectful members including vise-president, head-chief director of assay and acceptance at Al-Mostafa, Asia and Oceania Al-Mostafa director, Education and Research Deputies of Institute, scientific group heads of Institute, and Admission Unit responsible for Institute, voting on agreement and disagreement about representing period course, the applicant would be aware about either of votes.
After that, the identification note including features, educational and cultural requirements, sensibility of region, and period courses offers being sent to scientific group.
Also, specification and schedule table automatically due to notice employees being sent to them and the ticket present to executive deputy for welcoming to learners. Then information due to prepare a comprehensive plan in program, declaring to members.

In general, The Planning Unit activities of Intensive Courses focused on 6 items as following:
1. Constructing learning courses as technical and applied, and specific to religionist under long-term courses in Al-Mostafa Society;
2. Planning to Islamic Education curriculum for short-term courses learners;
3. Recognizing requirements to teach in short-term;
4. Constructing scientific mitting with presence of professors;
5. Participating in programs by experts of Institute;
6. Making consensus mitting with directors and head-office’s scientific group of Institute.
After notifying curriculum plans by respectful director of Institute to deputies, prototype program being prepared among research deputy, and regulating and discussing in appointed experts session including cultural, educational, research and executive, communication, scientific, and acceptance Institute’s Experts whom they would select their favorite time and then coordinating with relevant professors to making final scheduling table. So that it will be represented to students after compilation and translation.

This unit of Educational Deputy is responsible for constructing training classes and supervising over scheduler table in two morning and evening shift. Also, constructing applied courses, and sequential scientific session are other tasks of this unit who applying by experts.

Tasks Description of Constructing Courses by Experts :
- Providing attendance/non-attendance list
- Providing teachers’ curriculum booklet;
- Coordinating with translators;
- Determining and preparing classes;
- Representing curriculum booklets to teachers and justifying them to complete attendance/non-attendance list;
- Holding without a break relationship with course interface;
- Performing solid communication with other units to conduct as better;
- Supervising over start/end classes time and querying monthly report;
- Recording voices through teaching and clustering them into hard disk;
- Preparing and Proliferating books and lecture notes;
- Issuing final marks;
- Issuing certification;
- Getting evaluation forms through professors and students;
- Calculating teach time of professors and delivering those to HR;
- Providing and preparing final query;

This segment of Intensive Courses and Sabbatical Leave, began to work with pointing to construct virtual courses and make Islamic application with respect to current languages over the world since 2013. Other production of virtual unit at Intensive Courses Institute including collective application such as collection of Azeri, categorizing within 7 title more than 3600 hours educational themes.

Implementation Process of Virtual Courses in Intensive Courses Institute
1. Requesting to construct and record with proposed subjects and professors from scientific group of Institute;
2. Approving subjects with proposed professors from Chairman’s Institute and dispatch it to Educational Deputy due to perform them;
3. Scheduling and coordinating with professor by experts at planning unit of Educational Deputy;
4. Coordinating in final state among professors to justify them presently in studio and receiving pointed courses files by;
5. Recording on teaching processes and save relevant slides;
6. Providing video files that prepared by Edious via responsible for studio unit;
7. Converting educational films respect to proper format minimized in size due to upload them into website or prepare MMB collection;
8. Uploading video files over website;
9. Designing autorun to educational films with Multi Media Builder and prepare educational collection through period.

List of Educational Packages that Produced by Al-Hikmah Institute