Cultural Department

Delineating Cultural Education Deputy

This department is for designing, planning and implementing all educational cultural activities at Institute, recognizing necessities and audience requirements coordinated with great objectives of Islamic Republic of Iran sacred system and Al-Mostafa.


  • Strengthening and development of cultural infrastructure space alongside training programs at the Institute of Al-Hikmah based on the intentions of Supreme Leader
  • Trying to institutionalize the practice of Ahl al-Bayt (AS) and the Iranian Islamic lifestyle as a necessity and the need in today's world
  • Expanding interaction and communication throughout entities, organizations, and effective cultural centers also characters at home and abroad due to provide and delve in religious educational field, and Iranian culture with respect to professional ethics at the Institute;

Cultural Programs

Educational Activities

In fact, educational programs are the rules of ethical and educational in educational and cultural programs of Institute that cultural deputy considers them to be main pivot due to expand and deepen spirituality of morality, and foster mind and idea to depict and regulate cultural plan in which the major activities as following:

Cultural Activities:

Cultural activities and extracurricular educational programs, next to educational programs, have considerable impact to effectiveness proliferating, motivating, happiness and spirit freshness, and strengthening morale of team work.

Quranic Activities

Quranic and Hadith based activities, are foundation and soul of didactic, research, and cultural-educational activities overall Al-Hikmah Institution and has great impact on learners’ spiritual and cognitional promotion; in which this Deputy try among making pervasive sciences and techniques instruction of holy Quran and traditions in direction and special to strengthen learners’ Quranic and traditional foundation that pointing to organize close circle with Quran and Ahl-al-Bayt, daily reading, weekly session and take a trip to Quranic center due to fulfil this important task force during courses; furthermore, according to achieve aforementioned objectives the Quranic experts beside proper tools, have a Quranic omnidirectional software bank that identifies province and country Quranic capacities straightly through goals.

Recreational Activities

Due to compression programs along short-term courses, is felt physically strengthening fitness set to top list during the period. Which it has considered as preventing against learners’ depression, and promoting their general mood, also providing intimate and vital atmosphere.