Islam in Europe conference

IPotentials of Islam and Muslims to Interact with Europe

  • Potentials of Religious and Cultural Centers in Europe to Promote Positive Interaction
  • Impacts of Islam and Muslims on Europe
  • Contributions of Muslim Emigrants in European Countries
  • Potentials of Islamic Teachings for the Establishment of Peace and Security in Europe
  • Morality and Spirituality in Islam and its Role in Positive Interaction with Europe

Europe’s Potentials in Interacting with Islam and Muslims

  • Admission of Muslim Immigrants into Europe; Opportunities and Challenges
  • Islamic Studies in Europe; History and Pathology; the Role of Academic Studies in Understanding Islam and Muslims
  • Minorities’ Rights in Europe and its Impact on Peaceful Coexistence of Muslims and non-Muslims
  • The Role Scientific and Technological Advances in Europe in Constructive Interaction Between Islamic World and European Countries

Prospects and Challenges in the Relation between Islam and Europe

  • Racism and HostilityToward Muslim Minorities in Europe
  • Limitations of Islamic lifestyle in Europe
  • Extremism; The Common Threat of Islamic and European countries
  • The Role of Islamic leaders in controlling the Radical Extremists.
  • The Return of Terrorists to Europe; a Challenge for security.

Islamophobia in Europe

  • European Media and Portrayal of Islam and Muslims
  • The Role of Takfiri Movements in Creating Negative Image of Muslims
  • The Role and Position of Islamic Centers in Europe in Making Peace and Reducing Extremism.
  • The Role of Academic and Cultural Centers of Islamic and European Societies in Creating a Positive Approach oward Both Sides.