About us

History of Institute

In the first years after the victory of the Islamic Revolution led by Imam Khomeini founded two institutions, scientific and cultural, co-ordinated together under the authority of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei: former, the International Center of Islamic Sciences, who was responsible for the training of seminarians and missionaries and foreigners in Iran and latter, other organization of seminaries in abroad who pursued the same goal outside of Iran. Over the years, getting efforts and the two institutions services, requests were flowed for the periods from various countries in which didn’t fit to the form of long-term plans, consequently the needs necessitated for short-term training courses that these demands applied variously respect to each turn in the special and different manners, and in many cases due to lack of suitable mechanism, there was no proper chance to respond. In the year 2005, whit the initiative of Department of Education as the same time, a segment under term of Islamic Sciences short-term training center was established as part of its task, beginning with constituting 20 solo and group short courses, in the first year.

After merging of two co-ordinated institutions regards to universal center of Islamic sciences and abroad seminaries organization in 2008 and being born Jamiah-al-Mostafa-al-Alamiyah, the duty and importance of this Institute became double, since wide spectra proportionally with commission of the Institute by the agencies concentrated on the short-term training Institute, across Jamiah-al-Mostafa around the world. After about three years through constituting these courses, because of observing quality, importance, flexibility, quick effectiveness of short-term courses in this center, led to focused by president and his senior managers with respect to these consequences in which they paid more attention, that resulted the institute becoming independent institution at 2007 and known as primary-institute at 2009 and consequently implementation of all construction of course undertook by the institute. In the last months of year 2010 the institute was decorated with the Medal of Honor, ensuing approval and admiration by Supreme Leader according to Institute’s goals and performance along the years before, specially, he emphasized on expanding level of activity thanks to quality and quantity. Institute of Intensive Courses and Sabbatical Leaves honors up to sixth year of its activities, constituting Educational-Cultural courses and has provided studying opportunities to more than 5000 persons of applicant throughout around the world with various religions and attitudes.

The main aims of Institute

  • Increasing knowledge of learners in the context of pure Islamic cognitions by Muhammad.
  • Increasing skills of elites in the context of teaching and propagation.
  • Introducing cultures and civilizations of Islamic Iran, specially whose era relevant to Islamic revolution.
  • Making substrates to absorb proper learners for long-terms courses.

The most important policy of Institute

  • Prioritizing to presence of elites and cultural characters rest of the world.
  • Getting approximated approach in representation of Islamic cognitions.
  • Pivoting Imam Khomeini’s and Supreme Leader’s views to introducing Islamic revolution.
  • Prioritizing to absorb learners among countries in which have no active agencies of Jamiah-al-Mostafa.