A one-day meeting for Dutch professors and thinkers

September 22, 2017
Ceremony of farewell and presentation the President of the Al-mustafa International University
December 2, 2018

According to the Institute’s news group, a one-day meeting was held with the participation of a group of Dutch professors and thinkers yesterday morning at the Al-Hikmah Institute of Al-Mustafa International University.
Hojjatol-Islam Dr. Malekafzali, head of the Al-Hikmah Institute, gave the guests a glimpse about the Al-Hikmah institution.
Referring to the hospitality and warmth of the people of Iran, he noted the ancient art of Iran as a sign of several thousand years of civilization, and pointed out that history has shown that the Iranian people will not go under the oppression of the hegemonic countries.
The head of Al-Hikmah Institute, introduced Al-Mustafa International University and the branches all over the world and the number of students. He also indicated that the holding of general and specialized short-term courses and admission of sabbatical leaves is the main goal of the Al-Hikmah Institute.
He emphasized that teaching of true and rational Islamic sciences and teachings based on religious sources are the principles governing the scientific activities of the institute. He pointed that the importance of the approximation and peaceful coexistence between the followers of different religions and the flexibility of educational programs are the other principles of Al-Hikmah Institute.
In this meeting also, “Shi’ism” was held by Dr. Alizadeh Mousavi. He introduced Islam and the different groups in Islam. He spoke of Shi’a differences and similarities with other religions, radical groups in Islam and their formation, as well as the danger posed by TAKFIRIS (Those who refer to persons as unbelievers) to all religions.
Dr. Alizadeh Mousavi mentioned Islam; especially Shi’a is the religion of peace and friendship. He added: “Unfortunately, some are trying to introduce a violent figure from Islam to the world.”
The second meeting with the title of “Islamic Republic of Iran’s Government Structure” was attended by Dr. Seyyed Bagheri. At the meeting, guests had a number of questions about Iran’s leadership, how to choose leadership, democracy and the rights of women and men, and appropriate answers were given by the professors.
In the answer to the question about women’s rights, Dr. Alizadeh said: “according to Islam, human plays two roles in his life, the role of which in the “home” that is responsible for the training of the new generation and the establishment of emotional and sexual relations; and a secondary role outside of the home in “society” that is manifested in terms of social and working relations. Each of the two roles in Islam is important in its place and is separated, but in the West, the boundaries of these two are not recognizable.
At the end, the head of the group, and a journalist of the group, expressed their satisfaction of the one-day program, and stated that it was very useful.
A one-day meeting was held with the participation of a group of Dutch professors and thinkers yesterday morning at the Al-Hikmah Institute of Al-Mustafa International University in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran and in line with the public diplomacy programs of the ministry.


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