Visit of Chairman and vice chairman of Al-Zahra University from the Institute of Al-Hikmah

Al-Hikmah Institute5
August 22, 2016
Imam Mohammad Al-Taghi (a.s)
September 1, 2016

Al-Hikmah Institute of newsgroup: Mrs. Doctor Khazali the head of Al-Zahra University with cultural deputy, international and director of the university’s Department of Persian Language and Literature saturday morning

Doctor M. Malek Afzali head of the Institute Al-Hikmah payed attention to the Institute’s educational and cultural activities by approaching the the goals and achievements of the Institute

In this visit, Doctor Khazali with the announced for the wives and daughters acceptance of Mustafa community religious students and post-doctoral courses in some disciplines, said: “Al-Zahra University in terms of educational environment for sisters, is one of the safest universities in the country and provide a good basis for sisters studying.”

Visitors’ authorities of Al-Zahra University from the educational environment of the Institute Al-Hikmah was the other programs at the sidelines of the meeting

It is worth noting that this visit that the efforts of the International Department of Communication and Mustafa Al-alamyah, took place was done in order to identify more and better parties from actual and potential capacity each other.

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